SmartVMC is an emerging 100-acre, 20 million square foot city centre that is bringing a world-class destination to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). Connected to downtown Toronto by the University subway line, SmartCentres’ flagship master-planned community is Vaughan’s newest metropolitan hub: A pedestrian-focused, dynamic epicentre for commerce, culture, recreation, open spaces, and urban living. 



Designed by world-renowned landscape architect Claude Cormier, SmartVMC’s 9-acre central park is the heart of the community. Celebrating the natural environment and how we interact with it, curved paths throughout, create walkable, connected landscapes. The park features a grand sunken lawn that can be used for community sports and large gatherings, as well as an open area boasting an oversized pergola and fountain.


With TTC, YRT and GO access, as well as immediate connectivity to Highways 7, 400 and 407, SmartVMC is a transit hub connecting you to everywhere in the GTA. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre TTC subway is steps from SmartVMC, offering commuters quick rides to Union Station in under 45 minutes. Beyond the many transit benefits, SmartVMC has been designed as a pedestrian-focused community with walking paths, bike trails, and cohesive building design to make your experience of all that SmartVMC has to offer as seamless as possible.


Transit Square is SmartVMC’s outdoor public space, thoughtfully-designed for gatherings, people watching, events, and concerts. Fully accessible by the TTC and York Regional SmartVMC Bus Terminal, and roughly equivalent in size to Yonge-Dundas Square, Transit Square facilitates urban programming in the heart of Vaughan.


SmartVMC will soon be home to a brand new YMCA, daycare, fitness and aquatic facility. A 26,000 square foot creative expression and learning hub and a new 10,000 square foot Vaughan Public Library will draw community members of all ages with opportunities to experience, discover and explore.

Now open at the base of the PwC/YMCA office tower, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is among the first of acclaimed dining, retail and services expected in SmartVMC, offering residents and visitors unrivalled convenience.


SmartLiving is bringing condos, towns and rental apartments to SmartVMC, offering residents city living without compromise. With five sold out residential towers, SmartVMC is one of Canada’s fastest growing communities, expected to become home to 45,000 people.


  • Park Place features two elegant, luxury-inspired towers above SmartVMC's 9-acre central park.
  • The Millway, refined apartment living steps from the subway, welcoming rental residents Fall 2022.

  • Visit SmartLiving.ca


    Already home to many world-class companies, SmartVMC destined to be the new business centre of the north GTA. Completed in 2017, the KPMG Tower is a 15-storey Class-A, 355,000 square foot office tower, that is fully leased to the world’s best known companies such as KPMG, Harley Davidson, Miller Thompson LLP, GFL, FM Global, BMO, TD Bank and Mark Anthony Cosmetics. Recently completed, SmartVMC’s second office tower, the PwC/YMCA building, not only features offices for renowned Canadian firm, PwC, but also a 77,000 square foot YMCA and brand-new 20,000 square foot Vaughan Public Library, both set to open in the coming months.


    As with all landmark destinations, Art & Culture is a central theme which defines SmartVMC. Designed to enrich the lives of residents and visitors of SmartVMC, public art and urban programming has been thoughtfully integrated fostering strong social cohesion within the community. Whether it is a festival or a concert in Transit Square, or the newest Artists’ exhibit on the PXL Gallery, SmartVMC is poised to become the newest cultural destination in the GTA.

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    Vaughan’s new city centre is close to major thoroughfares, including Highways 7, 400, and 407, making SmartVMC a prime location for connectivity to Toronto, the GTA and beyond.

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    Rafaël Rozendaal

    New York-based and Dutch-Brazillian by heritage, Rafael is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. He also creates installations, tapestries, lenticulars, books, and lectures. Rafaël’s work has been exhibited across the globe in Times Square, Whiteney Museum, Cassa Franca, Seoul Art Square, and the Stedelijk Museum. Most recently Rafaël sold his digital piece ‘Deep Blue’ on the emerging, high-value NFT market.


    Silence is a digital artwork consisting of 3 ambient moving images. The works are almost abstract, but a suggestion of space and movement hints at experiences of landscapes and travel. With minimal elements of colour and rhythm, a maximal experience is created of immersion and contemplation.

    PXL Gallery

    Rob King

    A GTA local, that wanted to grow up to become a scientist, artist, inventor or time traveller. Rob King had the rare fortune of being able to blend his diverse childhood ambitions into a career as a creative technologist; creating work that blends cutting edge technology, data-visualization, real-world phenomena and emergent behaviors. Beyond his artistic practice, Rob is the founder of XZZ Creative Technologies. In this capacity, he has worked along-side artists and brands to create unique, compelling interactive artworks, installations and experiences using technology.

    Jim Campbell

    San Francisco based artist known for his contemporary, low resolution LED lightworks, Jim Campbell was engaged to consult in with the design and development of PXL Gallery and will be a featured artist for the installation. Throughout the design process, Campbell, alongside the SmartCentres and Diamond Schmitt teams, thoroughly investigated technology and did substantial testing, that will serve as the infrastructure for the display for all artworks commissioned for the PXL Gallery. Holding nearly twenty patents in the field of video image processing, Campbell’s work has also been exhibited internationally in various renowned contemporary art institutions.

    Ben Johnston

    Known for his custom typography, Ben Johnston is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer using murals, advertising and public art, and consistently pushing the envelope in his field. Receiving numerous awards from the Type Directors Club, Ben was selected as one of the 2019 TDC Ascenders. Raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and currently Toronto-based, he creates large-scale murals for corporate clients and NGOs in city centres globally including San Francisco, Serbia, Hawaii and India. Whether executing a mural in a remote part of India or an animated artwork for an NFT auction, he aims to find a unique approach, drawing on inspirations from his travels.

    Follow Ben on Instagram @ben_johnston.

    Better Together

    The mural refers to the certainty that by uniting as social creatures, we can always achieve more. “I’m trying to invoke to both the citizens of the city of Vaughan and the entire GTA is that now more than ever, we need to band together and create lasting memories, as our voyage on earth is limited by time and space.



    Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Jerry Rugg – aka birdO- is primarily known for his large-scale mural work on walls and buildings globally. Jerry’s long passion for the arts, storied experience working in film, and skills acquired as an award-winning graphic designer, have all contributed to his approach, which focuses on an acute awareness of the surface and studious preparation with regard to local culture and surroundings.

    Follow birdO on Instagram @jerryrugg.

    Birds of Feather

    Created for those whose eye is drawn to the surreal. As the site becomes an official destination in Ontario, the mural is a tip of the cap to the people in our communities who are curious and eccentric art lovers, who seek out unique places to gather and share memories. The Kingfisher birds are a subtle homage to those of us with a bright feather that tends to flock together!

    Ricardo Cavolo

    Based out of sunny Madrid, Ricardo Cavolo’s eclectic international style is based on relationships with comic, cartoon, outsider art and tribal arts. Cavolo’s art is all about stories, characters, and their experiences across time. Utilizing art as a complex narrative, Cavolo often focuses on portraiture. These depictions propel protagonists to champion their unique tales. Referencing religious and historical fiction illustrations, his use of symbolism connected to a modern and playful audience. Cavolo’s portfolio features public murals and art exhibitions across the globe from Paris to Moscow and Mexico City to Hong Kong. Notably, Cavolo’s body of work includes illustrations, publications, fashion collaborations and a wide variety of commissioned works.

    Follow Ricardo on Instagram @ricardocavolo


    “I always like to give a deep message with my art, usually something positive and optimistic. Especially during these times, I think we need to create a sort of the net between all of us giving us light and good vibes to get out from this dark moment. We need to bring our inner suns and share that light with the rest of the world.”


    Jeremy Shantz

    Born in British Columbia, Canadian artist, Jeremy Shantz, studied classical painting, sculpture, film and creative electronics. Graduating with honors from UBC-Okanagan, Jeremy now lives and works in Montreal, as well as exhibiting internationally. With a diverse practice of painting on canvas, drawing, sculpture, mural, photography, graphics and video, his art can be described as an exploration infused with West Coast culture, mixing pop and surrealist references with themes of fluidity, the unknown, melange potential and materialistic illusions.

    Follow Jeremy on Instagram @jshantzart

    An exploration of our timespace. A reverberation of our endless transformation.

    Depicting a figurative character separated into multiple pieces and elements, detached and floating in space. This imagery represents the many facets that must come together to create a singular item that is diverse and strong conceptually and esthetically. This piece represents our creative communities, the many unique ideas, perspectives, and skills that are necessary for us to grow together, become stronger, and create more impactful public works of art. The process to complete the smart centre mural is the perfect example of this as I had the pleasure of designing something that my peers created on my behalf, the results of this collaborative effort realized something completely unique that I could never have accomplished alone.